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Bodalla Dairy Yoghurts

Bodalla Dairy Yoghurts Bodalla Dairy’s yoghurts are a “must have” product for many of our regular customers. Try our Macadamia and Coconut,   the nuts are generous and chunky crunches, contrasting with the shaved coconut, so fresh, so full of the original flavour. And then there is a mixed berry, a mango, natural and “greek style” unsweetened. All are popular, the fruits are real and pure.

Flavored milk as should be

It all started when a customer asked? Are there any “nasties” in your products? I knew immediately what she meant by “nasties” … preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial flavourings, mysterious chemicals with numerical identifications … etc. ChocolateOur cheeses have NO preservatives and we are NOT tempted to add them. Pure products are what our health needs. With this philosophy guiding us, we have spent the last four months mixing, cooking, tasting, and sipping the delicious results

Artisan Cheese

  Bodalla Dairy’s Artisan Cheeses. Cheese gradingOur artisan cheese-maker Lucasz Klekowski has just been honoured with an invitation to be a judge at the prestigious Dairy Industry Association of Australia’s NSW product competition in Sydney this April. He will be on the team judging several categories: milks, flavoured milks, cheddar, other cheeses, dips and yoghurts. Winning an award at this event REALLY counts, and ensures commercial recognition. So what is an artisanal cheese-maker? One who makes

Rewards for effort

          Being confined to a  2x3 meter stall for nine hours a day, three days in a row,  is not everyone's idea of a good time. But, amazingly,  the  Bodalla Dairy team of three have no complaints after spending last Friday, Saturday and Sunday introducing Canberra residents to our cheese products at the annual Food and Wine Expo. The enthusiasm of the customers tasting and buying from the range of Bush Tucker Cheeses makes the efforts encouraging, and rewarding. We believe people need to TASTE

What happens to male calves at your dairy farm?

We are often being asked? What happens to male calves at your dairy farm? It is a hard question to answer because although every animal is a treasure and a joy, it is not possible to rear all male calves. We keep many on our dairy in Bodalla. You will see them in this photo. They have a heavenly existence, an idle life in knee-deep grass, keeping a watchful for the “boss” who may come by with a treat of grain. more

Better Home and Garden Live Sydney Sep 2014

We just came back from Better Home and Garden show. What a great show! click here to read more…







Bodalla Cheese Factory wins Gold Tourism Award

Bodalla wins gold tourism awards 2014Bodalla Cheese Factory in Bodalla - which supplies cheese and milk products to Canberra - has won the Gold Tourist Attraction Award at the NSW South Coast Tourism Awards.
It was a golden moment for the successful, family-owned dairy business, located at 52 Princes Highway in Bodalla, after winning the prestigious prize at the Awards ceremony in Batemans Bay on Wednesday, August 27.
The NSW South Coast Tourism Awards

Canberra Win TV

Great news guys, interview with WIN TV (15 May 2014 at SupaBarn supermarket in Civic) [video file="" color="black"]  


We are incredible proud of being processors of premium product from our local dairy farmers and we were so pleased to be invited to be a member of Ausbuy – an organisation that represents products which are TOTALLY,PROUDLY, AUSTRALIAN,  made by manufacturers  who are Australian owned. It is the way to strengthen our value-adding efforts and underline their value to the community. [caption id="attachment_837" align="aligncenter" width="213"]AusBuy AusBuy[/caption]

Bodalla Dairy Fact Sheet


Established in 2011, Bodalla Dairy, located at 52 Princes Highway in Bodalla, is a proud, family-owned and run business with a purpose-built factory that produces premium dairy products.

The historic NSW South Coast hamlet of Bodalla became a household name after the first commercial cheese was made there in the 1860’s, and the first cheese exported from Australia to England was Bodalla cheddar in 1914.

Bodalla milk is a special mixture of two-thirds Friesian and one