Cheese Club

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Welcome, come right in to our online shop which now offers access to our wonderful products.

We are a young, innovative manufacturer producing uniquely flavoured artisan cheeses,

For so long now South Coast locals  have been enjoying and buying our artisan cheeses, our beautiful unhomogenised milk and yoghurts with amazing flavours. They have their favourite  treats from our fridges and feel quite lucky to live around here and enjoy  A and always saying “where else can I buy these?”


Are you one of the hundreds of people who have told us they want to be able to get our cheese delivered to their home? Are you unable to get to our Cheesery on Bodalla Dairy – Cheese Factory as often as you would like? Are you tired of paying top dollar for disappointing cheese that is past its prime? Do you want a long, pleasurable education in cheese that you can enjoy with your friends and family? Yes? Then our Bodalla Dairy  Cheese Club is for you!

how does it work?

Our offers are sent out eight times a year and comprise a selection of our cheeses in peak condition which have been chosen for their seasonal quality and interest. There is no obligation to take up each Offer.

Members are able to order as many of each Offer as they would like and even have them sent to friends and family around Australia as a gift. Once we receive your order, we then send the cheese to you on a pre-advised day by overnight courier (although a few areas may require a two day service), packed in a specially designed cool-box with information sheets about the cheese and how to use, store and enjoy the cheeses.