Unhomogenised Bodalla Milk

At the Bodalla Dairy we do things differently.
Some says the old fashioned way – so you can enjoy milk like it used to taste -FRESH, simple and sweet. Just hours after the cows are milked.

The “MOOS” are one happy herd of Frisians and Jerseys who graze on rich riverside pastures of Bodalla.

We take great care and still pasteurize their milk by heating in gently, oe batch at a time to the lowest legal temperature.

We believe this method best preserves the original goodness, flavour and health benefits of the milk.

Available in 3 hours from MOO TO YOU making it Australia’s freshest milk.

Bodalla Dairy milk is not homogenised and the cream will naturally rise to the top!

This is real milkLiving Liquid” – always store at 4C or below to keep it delicious and fresh.

Bodalla Dairy Unhomogenised milk

Bodalla Dairy Unhomogenised milk

3 Responses to "Unhomogenised Bodalla Milk"

  1. Jane

    I want to know why you are not advertising this wonderful product? I stumbled across Bodalla Milk at my local IGA . This is what milk used to be like! We love it! But it is not moving off the dairy cabinet shelf because people have no idea how different it is from the homogenized rubbish we have had no option to buy for years.

    It is actually living milk (not superheated to death) that goes off quite quickly, so we have learned to buy it in small quantities and savor the difference. It makes us realize how “dead” the other milk is because it lasts for two weeks!
    It tastes like milk should, with the cream coming to the top like it is designed to.

    Put notices on the dairy cabinet window and advertize it on TV. We have waited a long time for a product like this. I hope you keep producing it and I hope the IGA keep selling it. Like A2, it is expensive, but it’s delicious and worth every cent!
    Well done Bodalla Dairy!

    • Admin

      Dear Jane,

      Thank you so much for all your kind support!

      Kind Regards

  2. Charlyne

    I too only stumbled across this milk recently – however our local Supa Barn runs out the day the stock arrives. For us the added bonus of being A2 is wonderful. We are moving interstate shortly and can only hope that it is available locally. Thank you for bringing back a healthy alternative.

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