Rewards for effort






Being confined to a  2×3 meter stall for nine hours a day, three days in a row,  is not everyone’s idea of a good time.

But, amazingly,  the  Bodalla Dairy team of three have no complaints after spending last Friday, Saturday and Sunday introducing Canberra residents to our cheese products at the annual Food and Wine Expo. The enthusiasm of the customers tasting and buying from the range of Bush Tucker Cheeses makes the efforts encouraging, and rewarding.

We believe people need to TASTE cheese to be interested in buying. So one of us had a non-stop job of cutting cheese for tasters. We are getting quite efficient at setting up for these events but in the days leading up to the Expo, the effort required to prepare stock and pack up makes everyone on our team feel “this HAS to be the last time we do this!”

Luckily we had the best position – in view from the entrance – and our display is different. Most display styles are sensible and clinical, but ours drips with fresh gumleaves “stolen” each morning from nearby roadside trees.

That prompted a wisecracking  stall holder to comment; “expecting koalas?”All fun.

The surprise sensation of the Expo was our cheese maker Lucas Klekowski. He hid his shyness and became the darling of the talk shows daily attracting crowds that couldn’t fit into the auditorium! His passion  for cheese making  is infectious.

Maybe we will be offered a free stall space next year?



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