A uniquely Australian flavour

Bodalla Dairy's Bush Tucker Cheese range.

Bush Tucker Cheese

Australia has been blessed with an abundance of natural flavours that I am passionate about helping more people discover. We have developed a Bush Tucker cheese range that infuses Bush Tucker ingredients into our renowned cheddar, to showcase the subtlety and nuance of these flavours. The result is an experience that is like no other.

Sandra McCuaig

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Chilli with Wattleseed

It is the roasted wattle seed speckled throughout which gives this Bush Tucker cheese it’s uniquely Australian twist. It’s delicious crunch has a slightly nutty flavour and is a nice contrast to the heat of the chilli!

Teams with an icy cold Australian lager and enjoyed with mates.

Grate over a taco and you’ll set the world on fire.

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Tasmanian Pepperberry

Stockwhip is a “wow, that is great” combination of wild purple pepperberries added to smooth vintage cheddar. Your friends will never have tasted anything like it
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Gumleaf Smoked

This cheddar is slowly smoked, over eight hours to infuse the magical flavour of the Australian eucalyptus forrest from your first mouthful to the last. This is Australia on a cheese board!  

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Outback Saltbush

This is a intriguing mix of Australian native plants and it is delicious. Saltbush is a “savior” in drought times for sheep farmers in the outback and it seems that some of our customers are becoming dependent upon it too. It is a favourite in our catalogue of flavours and your imagination can dream up occasions to let it “make a difference” … grate a little into pumpkin or broccoli soup, egg dishes , fold a slice into omelettes and quiches.

And please give us the tip-off if you “cook-up” a real winner!

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Cheddar is the most versatile of cheeses and probably the first cheese Australian’s taste. Bodalla was the birthplace of commercial cheesemaking in Australia and cheddar was the style of cheese this area was famous for.

Those who try this cheese will not be disappointed. It has satisfying depth and a smooth mouth feel.

It’s versatility is one of the reasons it has such a faithful following. Grate it, slice it, add it to hot dishes, and let it take pride of place on a Bush Tucker cheese platter complimented with fruits in season, nuts, quince paste and crackers.

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Queensland Lemon Myrtle

A Bush Tucker cheese flavoured with a mix of herbs found in the Great Dividing Range and good old homegrown garlic. It doesn’t last long in our retail cabinets for it seems to be the perfect “grazing”cheese for visitors to the South Coast. They nibble it here, they nibble it there, they nibble it anywhere. A safe bet.

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