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The perfect grass

Lush, green imported grasses was sown throughout Bodalla in 1860’s to feed the special Friesian herd. They are the secret to Bodalla's reputation as the heart of Australian Dairy.
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Happy contented cows

We have so much rain here at Bodalla, that our cows graze on fresh green pastures throughout the year.
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Pasteurised Slow & Low

At the heart of our Living Milk is our low pasteurisation. Done in small batches, it is a technique that cannot be replicated by industrial sized dairies. It keeps the probiotics, enzymes, healthy fats and anti-inflammatory chemicals intact.
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Not Homogenised

Bodalla Dairy milk is like good old fashioned milk, where the cream rises to the top naturally. This is where the healthy fats of our Living Milk live, so give it a good shake and don't miss out on the nutrition!

Nutrition Facts

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Better for your gut...

Industrial pasteurisation destroys the nutrients in milk and warps the proteins. Our lowest possible pasteurisation retains the antimicrobials, probiotics, prebiotic sugars, enzymes and healthy fats whilst remaining safe to drink.
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Better for cooking…

We milk at 7am, bottle by 11am and have the milk in our café by midday ready for coffees, making ice cream, yoghurt and cheese.
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Better for baristas…

Baristas love what Bodalla milk does for their coffee. Low pasteurisation preserves the flavour of the milk, as well as the integrity of the milk fat, which better complements the flavour, body and sweetness of the coffee. Not too creamy and not light, so it’s perfect for a lush frothy coffee.
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Better for the environment…

We sell our milk through our shop and deliver only to the Far South Coast and Canberra. We believe in low food miles and a keeping our footprint small.

Our supply of Living Milk is limited to the South Coast. 

Living Milk is used in our ice creams, yoghurts, cheese range and of course in our Shed Cafe and bakery. Come in and try one of our popular Living Milk Shedshakes